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ProImprover is a platform that facilitates the search of subcontractors by US construction companies and helps subcontractors to find a job.

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thousands of subcontractors

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ProImprover unites contractors and subcontractors in one place to get your projects done. Are you searching for a contractor or a subcontractors? No problem! We are here to get you covered!

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How it works in 3 simple steps

  • Create a detailed project post outlining the scope of work.

  • Simply find skilled subcontractors on our platform, or you’re welcome to bring your team.

  • Track the project process in real-time using the project activity feature and receive invoices from subcontractors right on the platform.

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Project feature

Prosperous projects are built here

  • Include detailed information, such as SOW and budget.

  • Attach photos and documents related to the project, making the process even easier by providing extra clarity.

  • Easily invite subcontractors to view the project details.

  • Assign project managers to keep track of progress; and keep the project up to date with activity posted by the entire project team (PMs, subcontractors, foremen).

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Calendar feature

Upgrade your business from pen and paper to a digital calendar in one click

  • The calendar automatically syncs projects into its database, so you don't have to worry about manually uploading data.

  • It allows you to visually see your project's workload, making it easier to identify which projects require more attention.

  • See the workload of subcontractors even within other contractors (but as unavailable), keeping an eye on the subcontractor's job process without directly interfering in their work.

  • It also allows quickly creating events or assigning them to Project Managers/Foremen.

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Invoices feature

Stay in control of your project with our superior construction invoice management system

  • Receive invoices from subcontractors and keep them all in one place to streamline the process.

  • ProImprover will help check the invoice with the initial project SOW and set up the approval amount and payment date so that all involved parties are aware of these details.

  • ProImprover is also working on implementing ACH payment options through our platform for even more convenience and security when making payments.

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Manage users feature

Streamline solution for user management process

  • Manage teams of project managers by adding them all to the system, assigning projects, creating events, and more.

  • PMs can create new projects through ProImprover and then manage them by inviting subcontractors and updating SOWs, documents, photos, and other relevant information.

  • PMs can see their workload in a calendar, which gives them an overview of what tasks need to be done and which ones are completed or delayed.

  • During the completion of a job, PMs will also be able to receive and review invoices only for those specific assignments they are responsible for.

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Common questions

We’ve got you covered

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Do you collect my personal data?

We collect your data to confirm your account and connect with contractors/subcontractors directly, keeping your phone number and other helpful information. We do not use your email for spamming or fraud.

Do you offer any free plans?

We have a free trial period for you to try our platform. No credit card is needed.

Do you have any guarantees that my project will be finished?

No, we do not guarantee any result. We’re a platform that provides organizational services and helps to find a team for the project or work for the team.

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